• Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists

Membership Information

As of January 2016, ISPD became the Illinois Chapter of AAPD. New membership or renewal of membership to ISPD is included in the AAPD invoice sent by AAPD during the month of June.

The cost of our active member's dues have not changed for several years. Our membership term, which used to run from January to December will now be in sync with AAPD membership term (June to July).

Thank you for your continued membership and we apologize for any confusion this transition may have caused.

For questions regarding membership, please direct them to Dr. Generand Algennio (email: generand@aol.com, O:708-799-5437) or Suzanne Wester, MBA, AAPD Membership and Marketing Director (O:312-337-2169 X 21).
Annual membership fee:
$100.00 - Active Member
$ 50.00 - Associate Member (Certified Pediatric Dentist, No Specialty License)
$ 50.00 - 1st year Pediatric Dentist
$ 50.00 - Affiliate Member (MD, General DDS)
No Fee - Graduate Student Resident
No Fee - Retired Dentist