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About the Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists

Striving to Support the Oral Health of All Children

A child’s oral health is essential to long-term success and wellness, and the ISPD is dedicated to serving and supporting the dentists, who protect it. We are able to effectively and efficiently provide resources for pediatric dentists at every stage of their career, so they are able to thrive both clinically and professionally. The ISPD enables pediatric dentists to achieve their personal goals, while providing incredible value to their communities and teams.

Our Mission & Values

The Illinois Society of Pediatric Dentists (ISPD) serves to support the oral health of all children by engaging membership through quality education, advocacy and volunteer opportunities. Each of our members is dedicated and is working together to achieve optimal oral health for all children.

Become an ISPD Member

ISPD Benefits

ISPD members enjoy a wide variety of benefits starting on day one. We seamlessly connect our dentists and offer several resources to stay on top of the latest research and quickly integrate the newest technology and techniques into practice.


One of the best things about the ISPD is that it provides a forum to easily connect with other like-minded dentists, who are also dedicated to safeguarding the oral health of children. Dentists can share their victories, challenges and strategies with one another, which can help everyone improve. It also allows for mentorship opportunities, so past mistakes can become future lessons for all.

Coaching & Education

The pediatric dental field is constantly evolving, but between managing your practice and taking care of your own patients, dedicating time to research and continuing education can seem impossible. You will have direct access, as a member of the ISPD, to a broad network of experienced pediatric dentists. These connections can help to improve both your clinical skills and business, all without having to sacrifice your normal schedule.

Networking Opportunities

Thinking about adding a service to your practice? Interested in purchasing a new piece of equipment? Curious about how you could adjust your marketing to make it more effective? Thanks to the network of top pediatric dentists in the ISPD, you will have the chance to talk with people, who have found themselves in similar situations. You can learn how others handled these intricacies, so you can move forward to achieve your goals.


We not only host our own array of conferences that feature some of the best minds and vendors in pediatric dentistry, but we also sponsor dentists to attend out-of-state conferences. It is simple to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in the field, as a member of the ISPD, because the network of support is dedicated to helping you learn.

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